Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

All my life I have played sports, so from a very young age I have had to figure out a way to balance schoolwork and extracurricular activities. When I started high school, things became a little more hectic when it came to managing study time with practices, workouts, and late games. I realized at one point that I was not doing very well on the test that I was taking so, I decided to re-evaluate my study habits. I had to come up with a game plan to tackle studying while better managing my time. I took time to think about what I was doing throughout the day and I considered the things that were absolutely necessary for me to adjust the way I managed my time and develop a schedule that worked best for me. Once I dedicated myself to improving, I was able to designate times to study, squeeze in time between after school and practice to go to tutoring and wake up early to meet with my tutor on the weekends.
It’s no secret that studying is not the easiest thing to do especially in this generation. Now we have a lot of ways to easily get distracted due to modern technology. For example, your mobile device can hinder you from completing your schoolwork and studying when constantly stopping to text someone back or get on social media. I personally feel like I get distracted by my phone every now and then but, I came up with a tactic to stay focused when preparing for a test. To be more specific, I get into study mode by silencing my phone and putting it away so that I don’t get sidetracked, I determine what tools or resources I will be using to study (textbook, notes, computer app, flashcards, etc.), and I dedicate approximately an hour to study and review the information. During this time, I create notecards to write questions on the front and answers on the back so that I can study them and quiz myself until I can remember the information with no effort. I like to drill the information in my head to the point where I can just hear parts of the question and already know the answer. My biggest issue when it comes to testing is memory but repeatedly reviewing the information helps me to recall it when needed. As I prepare for the next phase of my educational career, I will continue to evolve and grow but, I know that implementing the study practices that I am currently using will be a big factor in me successfully passing tests.

Dakhari from Florida
High School Senior
American Senior High scholl