Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a student test taker, I have never been exemplary. Something about the atmosphere and the time constraint sends my brain function into an all-time low. During the semester the full impact of my inadequacies can be sidestepped as there are always re-takes available for summative assessments. But when standardized testing is called into question, all of my pitfalls are exhibited on a most obvious level. Junior year my scores defeated me, my motivation, and my self-esteem.

3b)What steps did you take to recover from this defeat? What resources did you use?

After a period of being completely overwhelmed by my own insufficiencies, I was fed up. It was time to stop this self-pity and find the drive to overcome. First I tried sitting myself down for hours at a time and stared into the pages of the dullest book known to mankind: The SAT manual. In one ear and out the other, I couldn’t grasp it. So what! That wasn’t my thing, that specific route didn’t work for me. I began talking to teachers and watching countless instructional videos describing; definitions, expectations, and strategies that were guaranteed to maximize potential on the test. I was chipping, slowly, away at this mental block of testing ability I had built in my mind, gaining confidence. I loved feeling successful in that way. I continued on finding more ways to increase dependability. It wasn’t until I signed up for an online review that changed the course of my study habits from then on. From a distance the course looked monotonous and awful; live online classroom, 7-10 am every morning for three and a half weeks, with four full-length practice tests, homework every day, and during the summer no less. But it actually turned out to be incredibly beneficial. The lessons and one on one available feedback were precisely what changed the study game for me. The journey that those weeks took me through taught me so much about myself and my testing abilities. I would highly encourage many to do the same.

Anna from Colorado
High School Senior
Durango High School