Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Let's be honest, taking tests are stressful and the downfall to a person's success. The number one bad study habit is procrastination. At Times, we don't mean to do it but it happens, you get caught up in your day to day life and put everything else first. However, there are ways to study smart and effectively by scheduling your study sessions, cutting out your distractions and providing a designated study space. You have the power to build your effective study habits. Staying on track at times can be difficult, but if you start in small thirty minute study sessions, you can build your study habit and consistency in your study routine. First, schedule your study session by a topic. Second, set an alarm on your phone to remind you because time is something we can control. Let's now factor in that most of us can be forgetful, as we stay in a study routine that will build your memory and open our minds to retaining that information we need. Now that you have planned your study session, you must pick a space that is suitable for less distractions so you can focus. You're now ready to start studying. Flash cards are the best memory reinforcement study practice. As you organize your flash cards, you should write the topic or word on the front and your important key notes in bullet points on the back. I found that adding small pictures, funny images and using certain colors can help you remember by triggering your photographic memory. Images and colors can stimulate your brain to focus on those important details. As you review flash cards for that topic, read the notes aloud as if you're teaching them to a class in a lecture. Studies have shown that if you're teaching a topic you'll retain information much better because your brain organizes that information for you. You can use Power Point or paper cards. Lastly, create practice tests on each topic and review them each day until the test. Test prep can be made easy if you apply these simple steps.

Marie from Maryland
College Freshman
University of Phoenix