Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Olivia Montez
Mometrix College Scholarship Contest
There are two ways I prepare for a test, and most of them include simple paper, writing utensil such as pen or pencil. Sometimes I like to use my favorite study guide flashcards if I have accessed to notecards, then include markers, pencil or a pen. Repetition is the key!
My favorite test preparation starts with flashcards, depending on how many questions the study guide on the test is the number I will take. Repetition is the key!
First, I will write each question down on the flashcard with your writing utensil on the white blank side. Then answers on the on the other notebook side. I would like to keep the writing to minimal, short and sweet! Questions should be with underlined keywords to understand more. This should not cover the whole card, or it will become difficult to read and understand.
Second, I can begin studying with the questions facing you, when you think you have the answer, flip and find out and so on. The questions you missed, use either writing utensil, draw a small “star” on one corner on both sides of the card, you will need to repeat the question if a “star” is shown. And the question you got correct can be put aside outside the deck.
Now study, the incorrect “star” cards till you mastered. Once it has been mastered, gather your cards and flip to the opposite side. Answers facing you, question the answers, flip and check, so on. You will do the same for the ones incorrect. You can scratch out the “stars” and do the same on the opposite. Then “Ta-Da” you mastered your study guide perfectly, with a “A+ on the test/quiz/exam.”
Now the other preparation is very simple, and does not require notecards, just your brain, writing utensil and paper. This is my study guide I use numerous times. I usually write out the problems I am working out such as math or any subject for that matter. And follow along the math notes given in class. For example, I have Cengage, so I use it to follow along the examples it provides me and figure out the following on to a different question till I get the right answer. Which can take me 1-2 hours.
Flashcards have worked out so well to me during test back in high school, that you will surely get a good grade. Flashcards become easy, simple and you can just have fun with it, choose different games or levels such as (ex: speeding up the questions/answers). Downfall of simple paper and writing utensil, is staring at a question for so long can become tedious, frustrating, less attention and slowness due to loss of motivation and tiredness. Personally, I am this type of person to get bored easily if it is not enjoyable to me, and negative thoughts would randomly pop into my head. I honestly believe test preparations are to be fun and eye catching.

Olivia from Texas
College Freshman
University of the Incarnate Word