Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

From my freshman through senior year of high school, I have used flashcards, note taking, review classes, and quizzing as my test preparation practices. I find that flashcards work well when studying dates and names. These were especially helpful during my freshman year. Note taking during class is one of my favorite ways to study for a test. I make sure all of the notes that I need are neatly together in a notebook or folder, highlight the things I need to review the most for the test, and spend time studying the notes and going over key terms in my books. Taking notes in class also helps the information be more solid in your mind when going through the class. Studies show that writing out information one needs to remember helps the memory to last longer. My curriculum requires the teachers to do review classes over the material on the test the day before the test is given. These periods give the students an opportunity to take more notes if necessary, ask questions to the teachers about things they are struggling with, or answer questions that could possibly be on the test the next day. These classes have often been the main reason that I did well on the tests. Another way that I study is by having someone quiz me over questions that I may need to know for the test. My parents always offer to go over old quizzes I saved from class for studying. Somehow, answering the questions audibly in a low-pressure situation helps me to remember everything I need to. Not everyone can study the same way, and some do not even need to study at all; however, I am a student that requires time spent studying. Studying with music playing in the background also helps in focus, studies show. I plan to take all of my strategies with me into college next year. So far, they have all worked very well, and I hope that they continue to. Studying is very important to success in the academic world, something that many students today seem to easily forget as they go through their schooling.

Madelyn from Maine
High School Senior
Bucksport Christian School