Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparing for a test has never been an easy task for me, but overtime my skills in this area have improved greatly. For me, there are four ways to perceive written information, by auditory learning, sight learning, learning by writing and association learning. Everyone learns differently, and just reading something isn’t enough for me. Knowing that, I have combined those four learning methods to help me memorize and learn important information for test preparation.
Once I get the information for a test, I usually make a Quizlet or some flashcards for vocab words and key concepts. When I am typing a word along with the definition, it helps me retain them both, but only a little bit. Because I am reading it to myself in my head and physically writing or typing it, I see that as sight learning and learning by writing. After about the second day, or whenever the test date gets closer, I start reading the vocab words or questions out loud, and see if I can remember the answers by saying it out loud. By repeatedly asking myself the questions and occasionally peaking at the answers, it sticks with me.
My very last resort for test preparation is learning by association. And by that, I mean by associating and relating a word or definition to something I have experienced or already have burned into my brain. This is very effective for me for short term memory, but I don’t like using it unless I’m super underprepared. Another time I use this is when I feel like the first three options aren’t really working, or if the information is hard for me to retain without relating it to anything.
I feel like these test preparation practices are great for anyone who would like to practice them, and I am very appreciative of all the people who have helped me develop them!

Stephanie from Illinois
High School Senior
Lincolnwood Highschool