Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have many different test preparations that I like to use and differ depending on the class that I am studying for. One of them is group study sessions. That way we can all compare notes and make up questions for each other. If there's a study guide for the class we can all quiz each other and show each other our strengths and weaknesses. This is also a fun way to make a game out of it with each other as well which can sometimes help I think. Another way I like to study is with flashcards and quizzes. I use an app on my phone to make flashcards and that way I can study wherever I am. I also use this app to quiz me on what I have studied with multiple choice questions which I have found really helpful for me. A third way I study is just by looking over the notes taken in class and past quizzes and seeing what I did wrong and finding the right answer to them as well as looking at past tests to prepare myself. The fourth and last way I prepare is if there's problems I will look over them and redo the problems and try similar problems that way I know I have the math down and I am doing it right and if I just can't figure it out I will still have plenty of time to ask the instructor for help.

Heather from Minnesota
College Junior
University of Wisconsin River falls