Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have different test preparation practices that I use based on how prepared I feel for the test before studying. If I feel highly prepared I usually just skim my notes or even rewrite them in order to remember specific lessons I had difficulty with. If I do not feel prepared there are a couple of different strategies I have. One strategy is to completely redo worksheets on lessons I did not remember clearly at home. Doing work at home helps me clearly understand what a teacher had been teaching because I can put it into words that I can understand. Another strategy is getting a group of friends together and testing each other on the material that will be on the assessment because it is essentially taking the test, but in an environment that is safe for you to mess up and fix your mistakes without being penalized. Another strategy I use often is online, it is a website called quizlet.com. You input the material you need to know for your assessment and it has different tools you can use to study it. These tools include flashcards and games. I mainly use quizlet for English class because it is really useful when trying to remember various vocabulary words and history class because I have a hard time remembering the order of historical events.

Kylie from New Jersey
High School Senior
East Brunswick High School