Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Despite what some might say, studying can be a form of enjoyment rather than a drag. Studying is especially important as a student embarks in higher education. The first thing one must recognize that everyone has different studying styles that would best suit them. I am more kinesthetically inclined and I identify as the following-intrapersonal, interpersonal, and verbal-linguistic learners. Learning what kind of learner you are will set the stage for you to discover your studying style. Learning who my "academic self" is has shaped my studying patterns.

Firstly, one must put themselves in a suitable environment to learn and prepare for mental stimulation. In my experience, I find that creating my own set of questions on the content is the best way to study. This is why annotating and writing questions during lectures are important to my method of studying. I sometimes also use the method of loci as a strategy for memorization. To use this method one must associate a word or phrase that you are trying to remember with any object around you. For example, matching the term "cell vacuole" with a vacuum. Others may not get it, but if it makes sense to you then there's a better chance that you will recall it. Similarly, complementing your terms and concepts to your own personal experiences will also help. This is effective because to me because it feels like I am inserting myself in what I study.

A student will retain the most information if there are longer intervals to study. Instead of sitting in a chair for four hours, I study for 30 minutes to an hour and take a short break. Hence, it is wise to give yourself a good few days prior to an exam to study. It also helps immensely if I am able to discuss topics with my peers because it is easier to keep the mind engaged in conversations. Finally, on the night before a test, I like to rewrite my notes for more clarity in my memory. The key to enjoying my studies to prepare for a test is to make my studies my own!

Kiersten from Florida
High School Senior
Palm Beach Lakes Community High School