Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Usually I never study! In my opinion staying on top of classwork and thoroughly understanding the professors lectures are key to an A on a test. However, when I do have to study I opt for flashcards or writing the learned material down multiple times in order to engrain it into memory. Studying is often a boring task so I try to have fun with it by seeing how much I can remember in the shortest time possible. Without procrastinating I often compete with friends on who can understand and and remember the lessons first, I also like to compete with friends on who has the highest test grad. To study for major tests like finals, I start a few weeks prior and I go back to the first thing we learned in the class. over the course of two to three weeks I spend about thirty minutes to an hour studying and reviewing the content we had learned in class. Repetition is very helpful for me when it comes to studying so I will make notes, cards, rewrite the material, and even practice teaching the material. I believe that if you are comfortable enough to teach the material you know it well enough to pass a test on it. If I am being tested on a subject like social studies I find it most effective to build some sort of a timeline and list the events that will be on the test. Doing this not only gives me a sturdy frame of reference but also helps me keep track of what events happened at what time and how they impacted each other. My study habits are far from perfect but I strongly believe that they are very effective.

Jessica from Georgia
High School Senior
Brunswick High School