Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My favorite way of test preparation is reviewing old quizzes. When I review my old quizzes, it shows me what I need information I know and what information I need to review. A lot of times, my professors will give us the correct answers at a later point or I go to the office hours to review where I went wrong. I write down the correct answers and figure out by myself how to get to the correct answer. Once I know how to do that, I then wait a few days before the test to practice using the quizzes. Sometimes, I get another person to take the quiz and ask me questions from it, so that I can answer it and see if I got it correct. Other times, I will run through the process of solving for the correct answer and practice with different numbers. This brings me to my next way of studying, which is using a study partner or study group. When working with my study partner or groups, I find it easy to remember certain things because I will explain what we've been learning to them, which helps build my understanding for the material and vice versa. Sometimes, my group or partner will give me tips on how they remember the material, which I then use myself to help remember the information.

Dominique from California
College Sophomore
Howard University