Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Why are great test preparation practices so important? Most individuals have different test preparation practices. But test preparation practices are very important because the more your prepared for an exam the better chance you have on passing. The are many ways you can prepare for an exam. How I prepare myself for an exam is by having a organize study space, organize study groups with friends, I even have some snacks to feed my brain.

In my personal opinion, I like to have a organized space when study because it helps me stay calm and focus. I can have everything in front of me in a organized format and will be able to understand everything I wrote out. Being organized is so important because when your organized you can increase your productivity. While being organized you can save a lot of time looking for important papers that’s needed. If you have less time looking for things that’s needed for the preparation of your exam then you would have more time working on important tasks. As I stated, I do enjoy studying in groups with friends. Being organized help improve the flow of the communication between you and your team, you will be able to make your team more productive. There are multiple reasons why being organized is important. Everyone should be more organized while studying. Most people stress themselves a lot while studying but being organized will eliminate that source of stress. Although being organized does not eliminate all stress through a persons daily lives but organization is the execution that frees your mind and allow it to focus on important thing like projects or exams. When your organized you will become more creative with how you study. For example, when I study I like to use different color sticky notes and place them places where I can remember them. This work for me because I like colorful things and it’s bring my attention more to what I’m doing when I have my work space looked a certain way.

I like to believe there are better chances of working as an collective group then being alone to study. There is so much a person can gain from studying with other. In my experience of studying with friend and classmates it’s better to get different opinions and point of views. I always think fours brains and better than one. Many people complain how they can not study with your there friends but I believe if you have friends and you only get to see them a social setting like parties or socials then you’ll discover new things about them throughout your study group. I have a experience where I invited my friend from college into my study group and I learned so much about her goals and motivations even her hardship she was facing all through a study session. This made us even more closer we study together and we made time to still enjoy ourselves. I enjoy study groups because in study groups you can be creative with preparing for an exam. For examples, in many of my study session my friends and I play mini trivia games related to our exam and we’ll try to remember what the correct answer of each question. Working in study groups work for me because I’m not one to sit in my room alone and study in silence. I’m very talkative and hyper. So I’m able to be more engaged in what I’m learning when it’s fun.

Studying consumes a lot of energy from a person. This why I enjoy having snacks while studying, eating helps to stabilize a person brain energy levels and helps maintain focus. I think everyone should have a snack with them while studying because when having food in your system it just puts you in a better mood. If a person is hungry and haven’t eaten but has to study for there final exam there most likely are not going to have energy to want to study and that’s can just lead them to getting frustrated. But if that persons has snack they feel a lot better about themselves. When I study I like to choose health snacks that’s going to give me energy and have me in a great mood to start of my study session great. Having snacks is great but it really depends what’s snacks you have junk food does not work for most people. One of those people being me health snacks are better for the body and brain. Eating health snacks gives me energy and helps maintain my focus. In result of keeping my study space organized, having organized study groups, and having a snack here or there studying as been great. I constantly do these three main things when I’m preparing for an exam and I do pretty good all the time.

Chanel from Florida
College Sophomore
Florida A&M University