Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Learning has never come easy to me unless I put in some extra effort. Especially since I have been in college, I want to study three times as hard as before to accomplish my dream career. With that being said, I have accumulated many ways to memorize and learn things easier in school. One strategy I have used so far to prepare of an exam is rewriting all of my notes. I love learning in class, so I am always present in lecture and actively listening. Although, since I am a hands-on learner, sometimes the harder content can go in one ear and out the next. Rewriting my notes gives me the hands-on experience of writing it and the repetition of seeing the information. This is a good way to review information that was discussed in the classroom. Also, I love good old-fashioned flash cards. I have found that this is a very efficient way to memorize anything. It also can be fun when you can study these with friends. I have had my roommates help me memorize terms by using flashcards. I have seen a definite increase in my test scores the more I have used them and can even get a good laugh in while engaging with a friend. Lastly, it is really helpful to review notes as the semester goes on. Once classes are over for the remainder of the week, I would look through my notes from that week and read them over. This strategy gives your brain a refresher every week so that it can help you stay on track for exams. This helps so that when it comes time for exams you're not looking back to the beginning of the notes and not remembering a single thing. This will save a lot of time and stress before tests. To be honest, these strategies are something that you see often and may not be surprising to you. Although, when you continue to use these strategies consistently, studying will become easier and even fun. Everyone learns different, so make sure that the strategies you are using are fit to your learning style.

Autumn from Michigan
College Freshman
Central Michigan University