Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When test preparation is brought up, I usually just read notes the day of the test. It did work for the first few questions but not for the whole test. It was a failure. Senior year of high school showed me that studying is a must if you want to pass. I’ve tried studying the night before and rereading everything, doing mock quizzes the night before and the day of, doing flashcards, etc. and that did not work at all. I found out that the issue was studying the day before and the day of. It just isn’t effective. I slept late and got tired as the school day progressed.

After weeks of not scoring well on tests, I found out my solution was to study a week before or more than 2 days before a test. Memorization is key in school. What I did was just reread the notes multiple times a week before. What helped the most was not flashcards (they didn’t work for me) but to just get a sheet of paper and rewrite everything I needed to learn. I would just write it over and over. I did both reading and writing notes, and that was best for me. It also helps to be alert during class and understand concepts. Studying the day that I learned also helped retain my memory and made it easier to study. To make it better, I isolated myself from outside noise, listened to music, or just studied with friends doing my method of studying.

Overall, the method of just rewriting and rereading a week to 2+ days before a test was what worked best for me. It takes a lot of time to write flashcards and I believe writing what I needed multiple times on a sheet paper was more efficient. This saved me from so many headaches during tests and I am confident this is preparing me for college.

Evans from California
High School Senior
Upland High School