Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When faced with learning something new, I always fully immerse myself in it. Since I’m a kinesthetic learner, I learn best by experience or physically doing it. I like to remember material with songs and little tunes. For example, in government class, I used a mnemonic device for the first letter of all seven articles of the constitution. This helped me remember both the order and the articles themselves. I like to take notes and do homework assignments with colored markers and highlighters. The colorful notes help improve my visual memory and allows me to access information from my brain during an exam more efficiently. Having organized, color-coded notes also makes it easier for me to read through them. My desk in my room is a quiet place – free from as many distractions as possible. I concentrate better when I study in the same place every day. I review the material frequently, so I don’t forget it next month. I review the material right as it’s presented in class and then I review it a few more times. This helps me be prepared for tests. Sometimes, I study with a classmate and we quiz each other. If the material is really complex, I create flashcards and use them for practice and self-assessment. Flashcards allow me to break down complex material into individual topics.

Sometimes I get together with friends for a study session because I may have questions that they have the answers to and vice versa. In order to understand complex topics, I like to practice lecturing to a friend because this allows me to train and prepare my mind. We just have to stay focused on the topic for an agreed amount of time. This has been a great way to challenge myself. I also drink plenty of water and eat nutritious foods to aid concentration and memory, such as oatmeal, nuts, seeds, yogurt, and fresh fruits. What I eat can really have an impact on energy levels and focus so I keep away from junk food when I’m studying. I also make sure to take short breaks, so I don’t get fatigue.

Gabriel from Virginia
High School Senior
Freedom High School