Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

While in AVID, a program meant to help underprivileged students prepare for college, I learned about Cornell Notes. Cornell Notes use the continued learning processes which helps me to retain information. Throughout high school, I have taken notes and then gone back to write questions that are relevant to the material and summaries of the topic covered in my notes. The process of taking notes then reviewing them a day later has helped me in all subjects. As someone who struggles in math, I have found Cornell Notes especially helpful to review the processes used to solve specific questions. I enjoy studying with Cornell Notes because it makes studying less time consuming. Rather than trying to cram all at once, I review my notes the day after to add questions and a summary. Then I review my notes again when highlighting information that is important to the lesson. This process makes studying seem less daunting and more approachable for me because of the continued short actions taken versus trying to review old notes that you have not been looking at. When I review my notes, I can use the questions to prepare for the possible test or quiz questions. If I need to quickly review a topic before I have class, I can read the summaries of previous lessons. The style of Cornell Notes has helped me to stay organized in my lectures by having a set style and a set process to review my notes. Cornell Notes have helped me to have better long term retention of information and they have taken away so much of the stress that comes with preparing for a big test.

Cali from California
High School Senior
Vacaville High School