Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation is happening continually throughout the length of my class. However, about two to three weeks before an exam, I will start to go over key concepts or big ideas from the areas of the course that are going to be tested on. I will review those key concepts, and then each day I will the concepts within a single concept and break them down. The next day I will do the same process, and then after I studied the "new" material I will review what I have already studied the previous day. After I am happy with my knowledge and preparation I will begin to test myself on the material. This mainly consists of going online and finding practice tests or exams and seeing how I do. If I am lacking in a certain area I will study the areas that I need to. Once I am satisfied, I repeat the process everyday until the exam to keep the material fresh in my head.

For example, this past semester in my anatomy class, I would begin by studying all of the identifications (bones for this example) I am responsible. One day I would study all of the bones in each arm/hand, the next would be legs, then the face, etc.. Once I have learned my identifications, I go over all of notes from each chapter day by day, while also quickly reviewing and going over the identifications. This usually happens for a week, and then I start to search for exams that I can print out or take online and see how I would do.

This test strategy has proven to be very useful and beneficial to me throughout the past few semesters.

Drew from Michigan
College Junior
Eastern Michigan University