Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation practices include the use of flash cards, color, and watching videos in relation to the test topic. I have found flashcards to be very helpful to me when it comes to memorizing vocabulary because it is easier for me to process questions when I understand the key words. Also, when studying I do my best to try to stay organized by using markers, gel pens, or even highlighters just so that my eyes can stay alert when rereading over notes or even diagrams. I watch videos 2 days before test day so that the information can resonate in my brain, being that for some subjects I am more of a auditory learner. Through my years of schooling I have learned that repetitiveness is key when in comes to studying material and actually learning it makes a big difference comes test day. So I often rewrite my notes at least twice, or even draw a picture that is easier for me to understand than the one provided to me. After lots of trial and error, these are the tips that I have found to be most helpful to me when it comes to preparing for test.

Jehne' from Michigan
High School Senior
Carman Ainsworth Highschool