Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparing for tests can be very stressful. Although there are many different ways to study for tests, not all of them work for every person. Everyone is different and our brains work in so many different ways. When it comes to studying for tests, I am definitely not a fan.
When it came to studying in high school, I didn't do much. I figured, I know this stuff and I don't need to study. For the most part, I was right. Not much studying was needed and generally, I did okay on tests. A lot of the time actually, you could retake a test if you didn't do well. Which is what I had to do sometimes.
I am now a college freshman and when it comes to college however, everything is much different. There's no retaking, and not many people walking you through everything to help you succeed. One of my classes in fact, was pretty much entirely learning out of the book. Yes, there was class, but there was barely anything the instructor taught that you couldn't learn from the book.
Thankfully, the instructor also provided previous exams that he had given for us to study with. Frankly, this has been my favorite way of studying. I used the book, along with the practice exam. Reading through questions and then looking up definitions in the book that related to the questions. This helped me a lot to understand what kind of questions may be on the exam and the topics they were going to cover. It was nice to learn the material that was going to be on the test instead of material that I wasn't going to need.
My roommate also leant me some flashcards that were helpful to review what I had just learned as well. These gave a refresher to help me remember the content that was learned which was great when it came to taking the test. I think books for classes can really help cover topics and are great for finding out what a test may cover.

Megan from Oregon
College Freshman
Oregon State University