Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Come and read this to see how my test preparation practices are the best! Now that I have your attention, here's why. First and foremost I pay attention to my teachers lectures because they usually do point out what they will out in the test or not. Then that's when I start making my flash cards and study guide. I choose to make my own because I can condense all the information into one page in my own words, but I also separate them into their own sections . I do this because I put each section and relate it back to one object that I would have in my hand, an example as I hold my pencil I repeat all the values needed to solve log. Now if I have trouble remembering the values I look at my pencil (which I associated the values with) which then makes it little easier to remember. I start this process at least one week before the test date because I also have to learn my flash cards and updated my study guide in case something new I have to learn comes up as the week progresses. The morning of the test I try to wake up earlier so I can review everything one more time. Lastly I try to not to memorize it only for a while, I try to learn it like you would your favorite song.

Aileen from Georgia
High School Senior
Osborne High School