Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Growing up my mother always told me that the best way to test that you know something is by teaching it to someone else. This meant that from elementary to high school I would spend my time studying by teaching it to my mom. By doing this I would know that I had a clear understanding of what I was learning because I was the one doing the teaching. For me to officially learn something to the point where I could teach it I would use different methods. Flashcards are always a good way to go when it comes to studying for history or biology. With subjects such as math, I would condense all of the chapter notes onto one color-coded sheet so I could visualize everything in just a few pages. Now that I am in college I still use these methods to study, I use flashcards to go over presentations and retake my notes onto one condensed page to learn it all for myself. Then to test that I do know the information I turn to my roommate or facetime my mom to present and teach them this information so I am completely sure I understand it. I think that when it comes to test-taking it is all about what mindset you are in when taking the test. For me, teaching the information to someone else before taking a test gives me the confidence I need to excel. This is because I know I studied the information until I was about to teach it to someone else.

Montserrat from Michigan
College Sophomore
Illinois Institute of Technology