Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Not so long ago I was one of the many students with a dream of getting accepted into nursing school. I had one thing to do before I could apply, and that was take the TEAS (Entrance exam for nursing school). This test felt like a beast that I had to tackle, it was a nerve-wrecking proctored exam that was 3 hours long. My score on this test was so important because it could be a deciding factor of whether I get accepted into nursing school, it can be a deal-breaker. These were the test practices which helped me get a great score on the TEAS and ultimately get into nursing school! I always say that you can have all the tools for studying ready but it's in the methods and habits that you build to use them that give you the results. These practices can be used in almost any class you study for and incorporates methods for every learner. For example, I used the Mometrix TEAS study guide as a guide to break down my notes (I like to type them out) into categories of the test. Having organized notes is like having an organized brain. It's important to break the notes down into titles and subtitles. The key is to create your own outline or study guide for yourself, to later on review. As I'm reading, it always helps me to highlight everything that I think is interesting or factual. As I'm highlighting parts of the book, I type out a summarized version of it in my notes. Pictures and diagrams also help me visualize the steps or procedures, and I paste it onto my notes with short sentences explaining it. A bonus if you can draw them out. Youtube videos are a wonderful supplement to learning as well, you can find videos on almost any topic. Review your own outline/study guide. Optional: print out your outline and add sticky notes as you're reviewing it. This can work whether you have powerpoints or just a book. Repetition is essential in order to retain knowledge. This is a method that I incorporated then and still do it now as I'm finishing my first semester of nursing school.

Emely from California
College Sophomore
Los Angeles Southwest College