Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have multiple test preparation practices that have worked for me in high school and college! The first being writing important information, such as words, numbers, or anything that needs to be memorized in red ink. For example on a biology flashcard, I may write out the full definition, but pick a few keywords that make its definition distinct from others and write them in red ink instead of black. For me, it helps me memorize the information needed! Next when studying for something like a test or exam I open up my notebook and do something that I call "Exam Brain" where I start by writing everything I already know or have memorized out using two-color coordination. From there I sift through the information I still need to know in the following pages in separate two-colored coordination. I then re-read the pages multiple times. And for the topics I really struggle on, I tend to re-write them over and over in red ink as well. And finally, I use flashcards, which is the most common tactic. I color coordinate them by chapter, and use separate colors for vocab, and go over them. After so long I rearrange them, and after going through them again, I separate the ones I know the best from those I struggle with, and when I finally start to understand those I struggle with, I set them aside and keep going. When I finished with the pile I struggle with, I mix the two piles together and study them all a few more times before my test. These tactics are what have helped me through my later years in high school as well as helped me through my first year of college!

Micayla from Michigan
College Sophomore
Central Michigan University