Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

First I have to have a quiet area with no distractions. Getting my husband and son to understand this is sometimes hard but we are getting the hang of this. I am big on hand written, old school flash cards. I've tried to use some of the online sites that let you create flash cards but there is something about holding the cards in your hands and reading them over and over that helps me. I also take a lot of notes and will read these throughout the week before an exam or test. If I have am having trouble I will also write the question and answer out over and over on a piece of paper to ensure the information is sticking, Last but not least, my son helps me when I feel like I am ready to practice. He will take my flash cards and quiz me just like I do for him. He loves it when I get something wrong by the way, that smile on his face like see mom you don't know everything cracks me up. Those are my test preparation strategies! Thank you for reading this and considering me for the scholarship.

Jennifer from Florida
College Freshman
University of Phoenix