Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

To expect an exceptional grade on a test the first key step is taking meticulous notes. The key factor to retaining this information is taking these very detailed notes review them everyday. Annotating your own notes and creating keys to assist in better preserving the information. As a college student I try to avoid cramming for test. Taking the study guide professors give and making flash cards or using quizlet another useful too in studying is another way to successfully acquire the long term knowledge of the task at hand. I have found these strategies to be extremely helpful when preparing for an exam. If students, like I did, devoted 15 minutes every day to reviewing their own notes by the time the test approaches they will have a very heavy background on the topic of the exam, along with practicing with flashcards and using quizlet to make own test and mini quizzes in preparations. The only thing that I made sure I got the night before an important exam, was a good night sleep along with preparing breakfast in the morning for myself. I ended the year with a 3.5 gpa using my personal study strategies for upcoming test.

Avia from Illinois
College Sophomore
Chicago State University