Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Before attending college, I did not study as school came easy to me. However, once I entered college, I realized quickly that this attitude had to change. I tried to copy many of my peers and their methods to no avail. As a result, I adopted a traditional combined with an active studying style. I believe that writing down the definitions on note cards is an extremely effective way to memorize them because they allow you to quickly run through multiple definitions in a short amount of time. In comparison, looking through the text or your notes for the definitions is much more time consuming and can lead to distractions. I prefer reading my notes and skimming the text because the notes are often more relevant to the test than the text. Many classes leave a lot of information that is in the text due to the course covering specific topics. As a result, the text contains more extraneous information that I do not need. However, areas where the text and course overlap are important to skim because they may contain information not provided in the actual lecture that can help better understand topics. Working on practice problems is very self-explanatory because it is a good way to review by working through specific situations they provide. Though these are all very useful and effective methods of studying, the most important part of studying is attempting to teach the material to my peers .I believe this is the most effective and efficient way to study any material because it actively works your mind into connecting concepts and strengthening your understanding of these concepts as well. When teaching your peers often they will have questions. These interactions where you defend your explanation works simultaneously to confirm what you already know and expose gaps in your knowledge. This is a much easier way to not only identify the knowledge that you are missing but also gives you a better understanding of where the confusion stems from.

Austin from Maryland
College Junior
University of Maryland Baltimore County