Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I get nervous regarding tests. Anxiety seems to bring everything from a queasy stomach of my innards twisting themselves into knots to nuclear bombs erupting between my temples. The anticipation of taking a test can be excruciating. From taking a class on how to take a test to late night cramming, I have tried a number of approaches in my life but have found one that provides some ease.
Throughout the course, I write down my notes. Each week I read my notes, reiterating what I have already studied, along with the information shared that week. Writing them down physically gives me the opportunity to recall what I wrote and helps with my retention. The process helps remind me of the foundation of what has been learned again, as well as an opportunity to rehearse what had been covered in the current week.
This prepares me for any “pop quizzes,” keeps me ready for any looming test, and helps me with a level of sanity in avoiding the all-night-cramming session. Most importantly, I have the self-confidence of preparation. I don’t need “good luck.” After all, there is no such thing as luck, it is simply preparation plus perseverance when opportunity presents itself.

Steve from Texas
College Junior
Colorado State University Global