Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My form of test preparation that helps me with every single test and quiz is 1. Do every single homework/practice assignment. Doing the most practice possible engrains the ideas in the memory better. If I complete all of the practice assignments and am still missing things, I use khan academy or other websites to learn it again while taking notes. I then complete the practice assingments again until I am not missing them anymore. 2. I create a "cheat sheet" with all of the biggest ideas and misconceptions days before the test, and with every video I watch and every problem I miss, I add to it until I feel confident enough that I know most of the material and if I don't, it is on the sheet. I study the sheet every chance I have before the test, mostly at lunch or at home, in order to further sear the ideas and common mistakes into my memory. Then, the night before the test, I look up more practice problems and I go through all of the ones that I can find without looking at my cheat sheet. By this point, I have pretty much memorized and learned all that I can about the testing material. This process has helped me so much in the past mostly because of the repetitive nature of studying the cheat sheet. The repetitiveness helps to engrain the knowledge into the brain, because instead of just memorizing the material, I have learned it and am able to apply it in different ways.

Tyler from Georgia
High School Senior
McIntosh High School