Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Effectively studying for tests can be difficult and complicated if you don't have proper test preparation skills. I am currently a junior at Central Michigan University, where I am planning on pursuing a degree in Human Resources Management. During my freshman year of college, I became aware that my test preparation skills were unsatisfactory and needed to be improved. With this being present, it had led me to talk with academic advisors, friends, and family members for suggestions on different techniques I could use to improve my preparation skills. The most effective test preparation practices that I found to work best for me are using flashcards, organizing study groups with friends, and explaining/teaching my answers to others. Flashcards offer me more of a versatile study tool and provide an opportunity to engage in active recall to better remember a concept, term, or process. Flashcards have also been very beneficial in the way that I can quiz myself and I can check quickly to see if I got the question right or wrong. Organizing study groups have also proved to me to be a great way to study for a test or quiz. I organize study groups at least twice a week during the school year where I can gain insights on different ideas and learn from others. Study groups are also effective in the way that if one group member understands a topic that is difficult to understand they can then teach it to everyone else in the group. This practice has been very beneficial to me when it comes to preparing to take a test. Explaining or teaching my answers to others has also been a very effective strategy for test preparation. Teaching and explaining concepts to others have helped me learn faster, more effectively, and increase test scores. I have found that test preparation is very important to understand concepts and improve performance on tests and quizzes. These test preparation practices have helped me throughout college to better understand and learn the material.

Ivy from Michigan
College Junior
Central Michigan University