Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Tests can be very nerve racking. I created a system that helps me study for my exams. As a math major, there are many definitions, theorems, and equations to remember. As I go along each chapter, I create a word bank that has all the important terminology that is required in order to understand word problems. On a separate set, I provide all the formulas and equations for each chapter. Finally, when I am provided homework, I photo scan my answers along with the questions for each chapter.
When a test is approaching, I go through the specific chapters that I will be tested on. Getting a quick study day on the vocabulary and equations I need. If I am struggling with the review for the exam, then I look over the problems I solved throughout the homework to see the steps I would take to solving the problems. Reviewing for the exam by repeatedly looking at the information that I wrote down helps me remember and feel comfortable on my ability to pass the test.
Final exams are more stressful since they are usually worth more than midterms. For midterms, I access informative videos that are online to help me refresh my memory on previous chapters that we were tested on. If the professor allows us to receive our past exams, then I would also utilize them as a source since they show where I need improvements. I would then write down all the vocabulary, equations, and theorems on note cards to reinforce my memory.
Overall, the way that I prepare for exams is by creating a vocabulary lists, theorems lists, problems lists, and equations lists. Each list is divided into chapters and subsections to make locating information easier. When I feel completely lost or just want more clarity on information, I would look online for videos that explain the process of solving problems. By the end of the semester, I feel more confident of my abilities in the course and have the material to reference them as I go further into my education.

Fidel from Texas
College Freshman
University of north texas