Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The reason why I believe I have great test-taking preparations is because they really help me focus on the task at hand and keep me relaxed because when I take tests I tend to get an overwhelming feeling of stress and anxiety. So what I do to cope with this is. I bring mints with me while I take the test so I can focus and not zone out, which for me this really helps and I feel like it keeps my brain awake. I also use breathing technics that help me not get too nervous because once I get nervous my brain shuts down so what I do is take a deep breath in for 7 seconds then hold for 7 seconds then release for 7 and then I do this 3 times. And I find that this just calms my mind and reminds me to just focus on the present. And this is why I believe I have amazing and unique test preparation practices.

christina from New Jersey
College Junior
mainland regional high school