Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am a pre-med student and that means some of my test are different than the average classes. There is drawing and labeling and clinical applications which means that sometimes the traditional ways of studying isn't always the best. Because of this, I have a few odd ways to study. One is to color. While this may seem a little silly at first, it is actually extremely helpful. Printing an image or a diagram of something I am going to be tested on and then coloring with an array of colors allows me to recall better during a test. Sometimes I look at a test and remember the general info but forget exactly where it is or where it is connected, but having the visual of the color blocking allows me to remember more and connect faster. It also helps me remember key concepts for example in the heart which areas pump oxygenated vs non-oxygenated blood.
Another thing that helps me study is writing up possible test question. In a google doc I will use lecture points or key areas from the book to put together a fake test with possible answers. By thinking of answers that aren't correct but are close it helps me not get mixed up on tests. When I take the real exam I am more prepared and I am more confident in my answer because I know how my professor may be trying to "trick" us if you will.
Finally, I do a lot of active movements. Memorizing can be hard and sometimes concepts are hard to grasp when they're just words on a page. Because of this, I add actions or movements or even songs to help me remember. One recent example of how I used this was my muscle lab practical. We had to know the muscles as well as insertion and origin. That can sometimes be hard to remember but by pairing a muscle and its information with a work out, it was easier to remember.

Mattison from Arizona
College Sophomore
Chandler Gilbert Community college