Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I’ve tried many study tricks, from flashcards to study videos to looking over notes. Being test ready starts in class when you’re taking notes. The more prepared you are, the easier the studying session will be. A professor always provides power points or notes for us. I’ll take the notes that outline what the lecture will be on because it makes the organization process a lot easier. If not then I’ll take the powerpoint and put it on a certain setting where I can print 3 or 4 slides on one page. Next to the slides I’ll put some lines or bullet points so that I can write on them. As I’m writing on them, I’ll put a certain star on any notes where the professor hints that it might be on the test. Putting a star will help me remember I know it’s mandatory to study that and anything else around it. I’ll also highlight or use certain color markers to color code titles or important notes. When it comes to studying I will sit with my notes and do an initial read through. Then I’ll open my textbook and read through the chapter and put anything extra from the book into my notes. I’ll also watch any videos about a subject I’m still confused about. Personally writing out flashcards don’t work. I always blindly write them out and they take a lot of time. For certain classes I’m able to go online and find flashcards specifically for that test. I’m able to keep them on my phone or print them out, cut them up and use them. From there I’ll quiz myself on the notes and flashcards. I also take a lot of math and chemistry classes in those classes I have invested in my own white board and markers. I or someone else will write down practice problems from the book or homework, and I’ll work them out. I do this repeatedly until I have that type of problem down. I have different study techniques for different classes. They all work for me, so I’ll continue to do it the way I benefit the most.

Marissa from California
College Junior
San Jose State University