Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Have you ever tried to study for a big exam the night before only to forget half of the information by the time the test is taken? LOL, It seems that everyone has been put into this position at least once in their school career, if not every night before a test. Even though the grade received is most likely unsatisfactory, it seems quite hard to shake this bad habit. However, there are many ways that will allow the burden of studying and even the stress that accompanies exams to be diminished. Through these simple steps you will become efficient at studying and a more effective test taker.
The very first step to a successful preparation for an exam is to take good notes during class and/or while reading the required text or at least try. To do this, make sure to listen to the teacher, if it is a lecture, and ask any questions that you have. Also, it is important to participate. Do not try to write everything down that the teacher says it is an impossible task (literally). Just like while you are reading, only write down the key facts and other important information that stands out. These could be a bolded word or if the teacher emphasizes a topic. The most important attribute for taking good notes is to keep them well organized. Create a system for yourself so it is easy to read and understand when reviewing them. If it is difficult to create organized notes at first, when the class is over go through your notes and what you recall and rewrite them. This will help you to remember. Moreover, this is just the first to three stages.
The second, yet equally important, step is to decrease the time that is wasted on procrastination. The essential part of this step is to schedule times dedicated to studying. During this time, eliminate all distractions, such as your phone, computer, or television. Find a quiet place to study, away from the things that create trouble for you. In addition, reviewing for a test a little every day can he

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