Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Many students struggle to find preparation practices for an upcoming test or final that work for them, I however, have found multiple test preparation practices and study skills that have been working for me since sixth grade. I begin this process by studying two weeks before the test by reviewing the notes and study guides after I clean off my desk and provide myself with a clean workplace and plenty of water. Working in an environment that is clean helps make organizing my papers faster and easier. I will also play some soft instrumental music while working because I found that having music playing gets me motivated to study.
My favorite study skill involves rewriting the notes with what I feel is most likely to be put on the test, this helps because when I see the test all the information comes back to me. My second favorite study skill involves making a practice test on the second night before the test by creating multiple choices, true or false, and short answers. That night along with the night before the test, I sit down to study what I missed on the practice test until I am confident before I review all the notes one last time. The night before, I take a hot shower to ease my anxiety and relax my muscles so I can sleep better, pack my backpack, and set out an outfit. I find this to also be immensely helpful because it decreases my stress when I wake up and already have everything packed and ready to go.
On the day of the test, I wake up and immediately drink a bottle of water. This is another favorite preparation practice before a test because there are many benefits to drinking water when you wake up. During the test I make sure to drink enough water to stay hydrated because studies done by experts show that staying hydrated keeps you productive and gives your brain the boost it needs to keep thinking. These are the main test preparation practices that I use because they benefit me and help me achieve good grades and help with my anxiety.

Tayler from Missouri
College Freshman
Columbia College