Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The test preparation tips I will provide are bound to help anyone succeed. First, you must acquire the test date, and start preparation one to two weeks prior depending on the amount of content covered. I found that this method has allowed me to revisit any unclear topics relatively close to exam day, while the content is fresh in my mind. When studying I found it helps best to write important information on sticky notes and post them all over my dorm. When waking up, entering, or leaving my dorm I am constantly reminded of key facts pertinent to my exam. This works great for me and will work for anyone that is a visual learner because the sticky notes represent a visual form of instruction. My next tip would be to record lectures. Recording lectures gives you the ability to playback what was taught at any given moment. At times it may seem that some Professors are rushing through lectures and you hardly have time to review confusing topics. However, if you record your lectures the speed the Professors teach will have no impact on your ability to retain information. In addition to recording lectures, I have also found it useful to read the assigned chapters. For hard subjects such as chemistry, you must read the text assigned to what is being taught in the lecture. Simply listening to the lecture is not enough to help study considering there may still be confusion after attending lectures. Lastly, I would suggest finding or forming a study group. Study groups help you interact with peers who care about their grades and learning just as much as you. A study group aids you in comprehending a topic by encouraging you to interact with like-minded individuals who may understand the course more than you. The tips that I have provided have assisted me with many exams and has helped me with maintaining a 3.84 GPA. That is why they are the greatest test preparation practices.

Xavier from Georgia
College Freshman
Kennesaw State University