Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are some tests where I go on and wing it. Though most of the time, I don’t like to do this because I feel panicked. So, when I do save time to study properly, I do a lot to prepare. First, I like to organize all of my papers that have to do with the subject of the test into one pile. This helps me not to be overwhelmed because I can physically see how much I need to know. Then, I either create a study sheet, make flashcards, or use Quizlet to study throughout the week. Also, I like to rewrite my notes so that I can ingrain the information into my head. There is a psychology concept stating that retesting yourself, rather than just rereading, helps you better retain information. So, two or three days before a test, I like to ask my mom to test me on practice questions. Then, I check my answers to see if they are correct. On the last day before the test, I go through all of the material again and write anything that I am confused about or am having trouble memorizing on a piece of paper. This is the paper that I study right before I take the test.

This may seem like a hefty routine, but it does help me in the long-run. When finals come around, I can use all of the review papers that I made to help me study. For finals specifically, I like to retake old tests that I got back from my teachers. This is a good refresher for me.

This method, of course, only works when I don’t procrastinate. But even if I leave my studying up to the last minute, I still have some methods for cramming; I tend to use Quizlet even more than I usually do. I also like to get to school early that day to review my notes and ask my teacher any questions that I have.

Though there are many ways to study, my methods have been most effective for me and have helped me remember information long after I am done with the class.

Samantha from California
High School Senior
Carlmont High School