Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I study for a test, I want to make sure I learn as much of the content as possible, so I can do well on the test and in my future career. When I think about tests, I don’t think that I need to just pass. I think that I need to actually learn the important information because I will use it in the future when furthering my education and in my future career. First, I read all of the information needed for the test. I find myself to be a visual learner, so when I read the content, it sticks into my brain longer, especially when I read through it multiple times. Next, I copy down all the information onto notebook paper because I also found that I remember more when I write down the information. After reading the content and writing it down in a notebook, I create note cards. While creating the notecards, I am also writing down the content again, along with creating a way for others to quiz me. After creating the notecards, I ask my parents or friends to quiz me multiple times until I feel confident with every question. If I miss one question on the notecard, I need to repeat every single one, so I feel confident about the upcoming test. Lastly, again right before I take the test, I get out my notecards again and quiz myself to refresh my brain from the last time I studied. I find this way of studying to be the best for me because it involves multiple ways of learning the important information and it plays into my strengths as a visual learner in the beginning when I start with reading and writing. I hope others find my way of studying useful because it has definitely helped me over many years.

Rachel from Iowa
High School Senior
MFL MarMac High School