Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have developed a system of test practices that enhance understanding and help commit the information to memory. If a test-taker has good understanding of the materials, then the test results should also be good. The first and most important thing to do is to NOT procrastinate. The brain seems to retain more information in detail if it is not rushed. Begin reviewing test materials immediately!
With written information it is helpful to make an outline of important details. making an outline can also help with the memorizing process because of the "hands-on" activity. Once the most important details are highlighted, it is also easier to review, which again, assists with the memorizing of information.
Depending on the type of test I am preparing for, I may create some extra things to help me study, such as, flashcards, visual aids, and the creation of acronyms. Flash cards are great with specific information like dates and vocabulary, If they are created early, flashcards can serve for reviewing materials long before the test date. Sometimes there may be information that is difficult to commit to memory and in this case, a visual aid may be necessary. When the brain has difficulty grasping information or concepts, switching the method by which to interpret it is helpful. Acronyms are very handy with lengthy information and concepts. Turning information into something short and easy to remember enhances test results.
Always review all of the information and materials before the test date. A final review, along with self testing, can allow you to locate small details that may have originally slipped by past you..
Arrive early on test day allows time to quickly review without feeling rushed and unprepared. Having plenty of time also prevents chances of having unnecessary issues.
All of these things have been helpful for me to maintain my G.P.A. of 3.97, and I believe they could be helpful to other people.

Shea from Missouri
High School Senior
Dexter High School