Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation practices involve a lot of Holistic methods, as I am a naturally anxious person; and tests certainly do not help my anxiety! First and foremost, I absolutely need to be well rested to study. I have classmates who tend to 'cram' and stay up all night and I most definitely cannot do that. I always make sure to go to bed around 9 o'clock and get up around 5 o'clock AM to do my studying- that is when I feel most productive, by far. If my test is at a later time I will try and get a workout in- nothing too strenuous, mostly more so exercises that practice mindfulness such as Pilates or Yoga. Immediately before my test I like to get a good short, brisk walk in. During studying, I usually have a bottle of essential oils by me or a candle with essential oils. Lavender is my favorite, I find it very calming. I have this neat little bracelet that you can put drops of essential oil on, so I tend to put Lavender on it (or whatever oils I had during studying) to wear and smell occasionally during my tests to help me calm down and focus. Sometimes (if it's a really big test) I'll chew mint gum during my studying and also during my test to help me recall info from my studying (similar to my essential oil practice). That's a myth I've heard about for a while. Not sure if it really works but hey, I'll take anything that may work :) I feel like the more in tune you are with yourself, the better you will study. Everyone is different! Just spend some time to find out what works for YOU; only you will know that yourself!

Katie from New York
College Junior
D'Youville College