Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

After tutoring a variety of subjects for three years, I have seen quite a few different methods of studying, each of them valid in their own way. Personally, I have developed specific preparation practices for different subjects. For a mathematics-heavy subject (like calculus and physics), it is all about flowcharts. First, you identify the type of problem it is, then follow a generic path to solution. In addition, practicing explaining the general solution, like you would to a person, is also incredibly helpful. History classes, however, are on the complete opposite of the spectrum. After watching John Green’s Crash Course Videos, I realized that being able to put the events into something similar to a story helps me remember. Thus, I practice telling “the stories of history” to solidify what happened in my memory by using everyday language to describe the events. Science classes are a mix of the two previous methods. Due to the larger amount of math in these classes, some concepts will require a flowchart with general paths to solutions. However, there is a lot of vocabulary and such as well, which can be remembered through study sheets created in everyday language with several diagrams. The reason I always emphasize “everyday language” when I explain my study habits is because textbook language can be confusing and ambiguous. If you are able to translate it into normal vocabulary, you can be fairly confident that you know that material. Creating these methods is something I have worked on for quite a while, and I hope that they are helpful to those I tutor. Learning should not be a stressful activity but rather an enjoyable one, and I believe that knowing how to study will aid in that endeavor to make education a delightful experience.

Abigail from Georgia
High School Senior
Rockdale County High School