Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I believe that I have the best test preparation practices because with the help of them, I have an A-average in almost all of the tests I take in every class. Some common practices I utilize are creating flashcards and study guides for the selected topic, rewarding myself whenever I memorize something completely, and using chunking for memorization.
Creating or finding flashcards and study guides for the material is pretty much a given, but some people may not understand the importance of it. These materials were made with the pure intentions of summarizing broad topics and the information into memorizable points and keys to make studying easier and more rewarding. Without the help of them, you would be scrambling to study directly from countless pages of notes, and that is honestly very overwhelming and not the smartest for time management. Doing this has improved my test scores and made the whole process more significant and easy.
Also, I like to reward myself when memorizing a section and topic completely. Celebrating even the smallest victories and accomplishments can increase the amount of dopamine in your body, encouraging you to keep going and memorizing more. Without doing this, I have seen major decreases in the amount of information I take in and in my test scores.
Building off of that, chunking information for memorization would have to be my most helpful tip for people. This tip has been psychologically proven to work out for people because of how our brains process information. Personally, I like to study a section a night when it comes to topic tests. Lets say there's six sections, I would study starting a week before the test date so that by the day before the test, I would have memorized all of the sections memorized and I would only need to take a simple review of the material to feel completely secure. it is most definitely better to learn your information in chunks rather than all at once because it doesn't overwhelm your brain to exhaustion.

Jacqueline from California
High School Senior
Heritage High School