Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation practices include some simple skills that help out in all parts of life. The ways I study and prepare are also helpful for in my career in Business. Some of these practices are to never procrastinate, do not cram all of the studying in the night before a big test, this will make your brain remember the last half of what you study instead of everything. If you take a couple of days to study your brain will start to memorize everything. Plan out a study time, usually before bed is best for me, it helps knowledge soak into my brain while I am sleeping, and I like to study for a big test about a week to two weeks before it is time to take the test. Remember to always ask questions in class prior to the big day, the more questions you ask the easier it will be to remember when it is on your test. Studying with a group is also helpful, as you read study cards out loud they will be processed through your mind and out of your mouth so it will be in your head for a while. Try using visual aids, a chart, study cards, perhaps even diagrams. Lastly, this one might seem silly but the morning of a test have a full good breakfast, food keeps your brain working. I am an Honors student so I believe these tactics work well. It took a lot of practice and time trying to figure out the best ways to study and this has been my outcome. It all depends on the processing and health of your brain for any big stressful test.

Rena from Arizona
College Freshman
Pima County College