Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Understanding ones self is the best way to develop an approach to learning and retaining information for tests. Over the years, I've found the best methods for me is taking a strategic approach and spending the most time understanding the concept of the subject rather than specific details. As a licensed health and welfare, life, and title and escrow agent, there are a few overlying concepts to insurance. The best exam approach is outlined below.
1. Start early and don't cram. Understanding the concept is vital to testing success. Reading through the text with the approach to understand the information instead of cramming for test helps with both multiplication and essay exams.
2. Practice tests. Taking practice tests when they're available helps understand the format of the exam and has helped me frame the information I'm learning to pass the exam. Understanding the approach of the exam can make a difference while studying.
3. Concepts. Being able to determine which aspects of the subject are likely to make it on a test is also important. With insurance, knowing dates, legislation, and the overall impact of laws is helpful to understanding the concept and focusing on those helped me pass my insurance exams.
For me, keeping calm and retaining my confidence in the subject matter help me pass exams as well. It's easy to get confused and flustered, and spending the right amount of time in advance understanding the subject improve my confidence.

Andie from Utah
College Sophomore
Western Governors University