Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The way i study is i look at when the test is due and study for a week or more beforehand. I look at whatever we covered in class. This includes lectures, readings, worksheets, previous tests, Powerpoint presentations and other things. I create a study guide for that test, quiz, exam or whatever you want to call it, and i add different colors for the things that are extremely important, most important, mediumly important, not very important, and things i already know. I print the study guide out and read through the books, powerpoints, lectures, and anything that could help me study. I do this for the first few days or week and then I focus on the things i am confused about and study with other people in my class or go to a tutor and go over it with them up until the day of the test, exam, whatever you are studying for.

Ashton from West Virginia
College Sophomore
West Virginia Wesleyan College