Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying is essential to classroom and college readiness tests. Preparing for college readiness tests, what helped me the most was taking practice tests that were not timed and checking my answers for mistakes then understanding where I made the mistake. For a standard classroom exam that I would have coming up, I have found that having conversations and study groups about the topic has helped me to better understand the material. Hearing other's thoughts and opinions about a topic, helped me to understand the topic on another level. When studying by myself, highlighting key points, and making flashcards help, but I've learned that I am a hands-on learner. Anything I can do to make my study materials hands-on, I will do it. For example, while in high school; I was taking a Veterinary Medicine and Technology class. One of the first exams we had was how to take vital signs of a dog. We had practiced with stuffed animals many times, and a live dog once in class. The study materials that were given by the teacher was a little booklet about the different methods of vital signs. Luckily for me, I have a very easy going and care-free dog. I practiced every different method that was in the booklet on my dog at home. Going in for the exam, I felt confident about the material I had learned in class and practiced at home. I made an A on the exam and helped my classmates better understand the different questions that they had. I am going to college to major in Agricultural Services, Development, and Education. With this, I want to be an Agricultural Science Teacher. With all of the different methods of studying that I have been exposed to, I feel that I can support my future students to find the best way for them to retain the information and be able to convey the material in their own way. I have seen what a good teacher can do to help students understand the material and my goals as a teacher are to make an impact on my student's educational journey, just as I have.

Maggie from Texas
College Freshman
Tarleton State University