Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Throughout my academic career, I have discovered an effective routine for exam preparation that has favored my test scores. The main goal I have when preparing for a test is to ensure comprehension of the material. In doing so, I become less anxious on the exam day because I feel confident that I know the material that is going to be presented to me.
In regards to physical practices, my method is to create a plan for each exam I must prepare for. This plan forms a routine of study methods and times that are quite useful in gaining a sense of confidence for an exam. I have found that a planning application has been the most utilized in my study journey. In the planning stage, I review the material that will be covered in the exam and devise a way to section the material into separate study dates.
Being that I lean towards kinesthetic learning, I tend to use flashcards and re-writing notes as a form of consolidating the material that I have learned. One must recognize the learning style that best suits their needs in order to develop a basic study routine. In my case, I typically write my notes and flashcards when I am in a state of “flow”. Many psychologists refer to this state of mind as utter concentration and control over consciousness.
Going into ‘flow’ is not simple; however; I like to employ specific conditions that help me go into this mindset of total control. For instance, to prepare my mind for an influx of information I listen to smooth jazz music for the first couple minutes of studying. One I feel calm and in the right headspace, I put the music at a low volume so that the sound becomes background noise. Additionally, the use of a space that is intended solely for academic purposes has proven to be a major component in improving my test scores. In my experience, the best exam preparation is to form a plan with various modalities that are specific to my learning style. This creates a unique method of gain knowledge and confidence in my studies.

Lisbeth from Florida
College Sophomore
Miami Dade College