Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

A key test prep strategy that I have used for most of my educational journey has been to not start prepping too early. It does sound counter-intuitive, yes. However, I have found that if I start prepping for a test or an examination too early, like weeks in advance, I will become drained days before my exam and then not be able to study during those crucial last couple of days. This relates to time management. You should not devote a huge amount of time just towards studying. What you need to devote is the quality of your studying. Reviewing all of the content weeks in advance just to do so and not pay attention to the subtle hints made by professors about what to actually focus on leads to time being wasted. Focusing on what is crucial to review, and what you yourself need to focus on, allows you to not waste time. Taking all of the essential topics to look over and study during those three to four days right before your examination, instead of going over all of the content weeks before and draining yourself, will allow you to get more sleep and have a calmer state of mind. Being well-rested and just confident going into your test/exam are products of what I have gone over as well. Never go into an exam with doubt or dread. Half of the battle is believing in yourself, the other is actually putting pen to paper and doing it. To recap: do not start studying too early, make sure to only study what you yourself need to and not absolutely everything, study only during the crucial days immediately before your exam, get a lot of sleep, and do not lose confidence in yourself.

Brendan from Michigan
College Junior
The University of Michigan