Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are multiple steps I take to make sure that I am fully prepared for any test. The first and most important thing is to physically write down my notes in class. This step is important because I’ve noticed that really helps me remember the concepts that I am being taught and as a result I am able to recall them a lot better in the future. The second step I take is for review the notes that I have taken that day at night before I go to bed and to test myself and make sure I fully understand each concept. I continue to this during each day of class.
When it comes to about a week before my exam, that is when I go back to review every concept I need to know. Depending on the class, I will either write flash cards for memorization or do as many practice problems as I can to understand what I need to. I will do this for about a couple hours each day leading up to the night before the exam. The reason for this is because cramming in all the information for an exam the night before is the worst thing to do. Not only is it inefficient but even if you do manage to memorize the concepts, you will not actually learn them. Sleep is also so extremely crucial the night before an exam because while you are sleeping, your brain is able to better process the information which will be very helpful. It will also allow you be more aware and alert about any trick questions or mistakes that could’ve been easily avoided. This is why I make sure to have about 8 hours of sleep the night before the test or exam and I believe everyone else should as well.

Natalie from California
College Sophomore
College of the Canyons but transferring to UCSB for Junior year