Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Every day, after my teacher gives a lecture, I would review my notes I took that day and read the textbook pages that went along with the lessons. I would take notes from the textbook as well because it was a lot more detailed than the powerpoint notes that my teacher would give during lectures. I would use several resources such as youtube videos on the subject, practice tests on Quizlet, and make my own flashcards as well. While I studied, I would listen to calm relaxing music and take breaks around every hour so I didn't overwork myself. I would always study at the Starbucks near my school so I would always eat a sandwich and a treat so I could fuel myself while I worked. I was also greatly disciplined so I could manage my time to study well. I would go to the gym in the morning so I could my physical activity finished before anything else and I would feel more productive in the mornings. This habit would force me to sleep early so I could wake up early, which was very good for my health. The night before a test, I would always sleep early instead of cramming and pulling all nighters like everyone else, so my brain could recharge and have enough energy to perform well on the test. In the morning, I would go the gym as usual and eat a filling breakfast, usually oatmeal without too much sugar so I wouldn't crash throughout the day. I would try to avoid caffeine so I don't get jittery and hyper during tests. These habits to study and prepare for tests really helped me throughout high school succeed and get to where I am now, attending my dream school in the fall semester.

Esther from California
High School Senior
University High School